• Bentsticks is the home of truly natural handmade wooden toys.

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  • Gumtree dryingAll Bentsticks products are  original designs
     and handcrafted with pride at my workshop in Melbourne.
    Beginning life as a humble, fallen tree branch,
    each Bentstick toy  has its own organic shape and special qualities. 

    Treetrunk door, windows & balconyFairies, Pixies and Elves love living in the Bentsticks world. 
    To entice the pixies and elves to your garden, attach a welcoming Treetrunk Door  to a tree in your backyard. When the  little ones move in, they will of course need special Pixie windows to look out of, and a balcony to where
    they can welcome the morning sun.

    The Treehouses and the Gnome Homes come with handmade pixie furniture  such as  table & chairs, beds, stoves & drawer units.

    These are interactive toys that are not only fun to play with but stimulate imaginative play and hone developmental skills. The simple uncomplicated designs not only feel good to touch but are sanded smooth and sealed with environmentally friendly non-toxic natural finishes .

    Bentsticks toys are  ideal gifts for toddlers, preschoolers and children of any age, in fact for anyone who believes in ďa little magicĒ.  The Magic Faraway Treehouse or Gnome Homes can be an  ideal special toy, kept at Granís place for  the children to play with when they visit.  That way they belong to all the children of the family.

  • Bentsticks creations are reminiscent of the handmade toys of yesteryear creating a world of make believe, stimulating imaginations, and making lasting memories for children and parents alike, and then can be handed down from generation to generation.  

                 There should be more of that in the world today.


Pricing & Postage Notes:
The price listed on the website is only the cost to buy the item.
To get a price that includes post & packaging, just click on the link and email me your postcode so I can calculate the total cost for you.
After an item went missing in transit, I now register all orders & insure those orders over $100. Australia Post insurance is basically $1.20 per $100 after the first $100.
 Variations in shape.
Due to the nature and seasonal accessibility of the fallen tree branches I use in making my toys, there will be variations in the colour and shape of all the items, but I always endeavour to retain the essence of the original design.